Oil Field Construction Services

J.E, Burke Construction Inc. is recognized as one of the top oilfield companies in the Taft California area by major and independent companies. Our large range of oilfield construction services can benefit you from every aspect including site-prep, complete new construction, or maintenance/add-on projects.

Having been in the local industry for over 20 years, we are certain that our team can successfully handle your project safely and swiftly, keeping downtime to a minimum and your profits at a maximum.


  • New Construction
  • Oilfield Site-Prep
  • Drilling-Rig Relocation
  • Pipeline Welding
  • Oil Pipeline Construction & Installation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Demolition
  • Oil Field Trenching & Ecavation

Everyone talks about honesty and integrity in their company meetings and documents, we live it in our daily operations and processes. We guarantee that you will not find a single oilfield construction services company that values good morals and your satisfaction more than the folks here at J.E. Burke Construction Inc.

High Safety Standards

Safety is a top priority of our company when working on any oilfield services and projects. We perform weekly corporate safety meetings, routine training on operational procedures, and our supervisors are responsible for holding and documenting weekly tailgate safety meetings with their crew. Keeping safety as a top priority has allowed us to be accident free and free from causing downtime for our clients for over 670 days.

Quality Quaranteed

Our desire to provide high quality oilfield services and construction throughout Southern California plays a large role in why our reputation is so strong. We guarantee that you will never have to be concerned with receiving quality products and work when hiring our company. Your satisfaction and future business is far more important to us than saving a few dollars at the sake of having a low quality end product/service.