Our Previous Projects

Below is a brief list of our previous projects to display which services we can provide for you.

Tank Farm Build

On this project, our team constructed a new tank farm from start-to-finish for our client. High safety standards, precision placement, quality welding, and the good old crane is what made this a successful project.

New Oil field Location

On this project, our team successfully finished a site-prep project for a new oil field facility location. This is a small example of our excavation services and site-prep abilities.

MSHA Compliance Welding

On this project, our team custom fabricated guards for our client’s forklift techs in order to make this area in compliance with MSHA requirements.

Structural Welding

On this project, our team performed some structural welding and custom fabricating to install a new catwalk around this conveyor.

Product Elevator Extension

On this project, our team extended a product elevator by 20-ft and installed a new belt bucket, motor, head pulley, and guards.